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A guide to excel at customer experience

What if you really put your customer at the heart of your business

Who is this guide for? 

Whether you are a CEO, an innovation project manager or director, a director of communication, a digital transformation officer, a head of marketing and communications, or if you are a customer experience or digital addict. Whether you are in a global Group or in a start-up. Whether you were wondering about the best way to start your transformation towards a customer-centric organization or whether you just wanted to gather some new ideas; Keep reading – you're in the right place!
What does it include? This guide contains the key trends we have observed as well as our insights built over 18 years of supporting our clients across all industries and services.
 It includes:


• The major trends that change the rules of the game for customer experience 
• Our insights on how to design efficient customer journeys to reach your main business objectives and how to turn your organization into a customer-centric one 
• Select practical examples & case studies from hundreds of past assignments




Companies tend to resemble more and more one another, with similar products, capacity to deliver, or experience of the frontline employees. Differentiation tends to derive from the way customers are served, and the perception they get during a ‘lifetime’ of interactions with the company: the customer experience. 

We believe that to perform on this theme, you need to:


 • Raise awareness of customer experience principles within your company 
• Implement a bottom-up approach to business transformation driven by customer experience improvement through customer journey design.
 • Holistically reboot your business model and change your DNA to allow this shift towards customer centricity.


This approach also gives sense to your digital transformation and your innovation projects: digital features are introduced as leverage for improved customer experience, increased sales and reduced servicing costs. This mindset shift puts customer experience ahead of technology – not the other way around. 


This guide gives you the guidance to engage in transformation driven by customer experience improvement through customer journey design and will be useful to a wide range of managers from service marketing, business transformation sales, supporting functions, and of course customer experience offices and customer officers.   

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