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Luxury & Digital

Leverage on digital to increase client's engagement

Luxury is about scarcity, superior quality, personalized and sensory-rich experiences. On the other hand, digital is all about democratized, free, ubiquitous and shared information, linked with a non-sensory experience on a flat screen. Does that mean digital and luxury are incompatible? Absolutely not!
New customer trends emerging today are reshaping the luxury world and the increasingly pervasive role of digital in a customer’s life needs to be taken into account. In addition, digital has opened new opportunities for luxury brands to personalize the experience and products, and to know more about their customers, among other gains.
Omni-channel interactions with customers allow brands to enhance the retail experience and to reshape the customer journey. This is a major change that is heavily anticipated by luxury consumers since they are 80%1 in favor of omni-channel experiences.
How can luxury brands leverage on digital to further engage their customers and offer them new experiences?

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