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Museum 2.0

Digital & its opportunities to engage audience

We are living in a borderless world, with a free flow of information and people; we are seamlessly shifting between real and virtual. All these major trends are the symptoms of the new era we have entered in during the last decade.


Now, what does that mean for museums: How to enhance visual literacy? How to empower and inspire visitors? How to enable knowledge production and sharing?


In this new era, the walls of the museum are fading while their collections are going online.


Digital has led to new opportunities for Museums with advanced client knowledge and seamless museum visits. But beyond this fluid and omnichannel journey, which becomes a standard for visitors, digital provides museums with new solutions to enrich visitor’s experience, and so, to bring art to life.


Eventually, the new channels and touch points with the museum’s audience will generate additional revenue in each step of the customer journey.


So, how can the museum 2.0 use digitalization as leverage to make a difference?

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