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01.07.2014 #news

The Digital Shock - The collaborative book by Sia Partners

We are currently experiencing a digital shock. It is no longer a slow deformation, but an accelerated global and brutal rupture. No industry or activity is spared. Mobility, collaborative tools, Internet of objects, big data, open data... 

The digital world is here and feeds all aspects of our daily lives, businesses, public organizations and societies. Digital technologies have transformed our ways of working, moving, learning, entertaining, healing... And this is just the beginning. But the digital world does not erase the previous world, but adds a new dimension to the human experience.

 Co-written by Jean-Pierre Corniou and ten Sia Partners consultants, The Digital Shock is a well-researched document on the impact of digital technologieson work, customer experience, citizenship, health, business operations and business models. Addressed to business leaders, this book has been published in the "Digital Economy and Prospects" collection, spearheaded by a collaborative effort between the CIGREF, a French network of large corporations, and Nuvis, a French publisher. Through the many examples cited in the book, basic outlines of the digital world emerge: sharing, trust, speed, simplicity, collaboration, disintermediation, fun and innovation through experimentation. The Digital Shockexposes exciting prospects for the future and encourages all individuals to get involved in understanding this new area of initiatives, freedom and responsibility.

This book is the result of a unique, warm and rewarding experiment. Over six months, the eleven authors collaboratively wrote stories of their collective exploration of the digital world.

Transformation issues caused by the digital shock can no longer be solved by isolated political or managerial control, but by the networking of collective intelligence. The writing method of this book epitomizes its message:

"Capitalizing on the complementarity of views and the variety of profiles, personalities and visions is a vital process that involves listening, respect for different points of view and tolerance for frustration. An idea should not be killed, but rather improved together."


More details on our key messages and method of writing are available on www.lechocnumerique.fr (website only available in French).