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Digital Development of Brands Stagnates!

Industry Results of the Digital Dominance Benchmark 2019

Digital Development of Brands Stagnates! - Industry Results of the Digital Dominance Benchmark 2019

This year, the Digital Dominance Benchmark has been executed for the third consecutive year. The benchmark shows the digital competitiveness of a brand among different digital channels.


Compared to the previous benchmark in 2017, Dutch companies and brands improved themselves slightly with regards to their digital visibility and strength of their brands. However, a significant part of brands have shown a decreased digital performance.


This year there is still a large gap visible between customer expectation and experience of a brand in today’s digital world. Many brands are struggling to maintain their digital competitiveness compared to previous years. The drive to be more digitally dominant than the competitor remains challenging for most brands. If the digitally strong brands do not keep priority to their digital development, they might be surpassed by the competition.


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