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Government Innovation from Within

UAE Edition

Government Innovation from Within: UAE Edition 

Based on our research undertaken in cooperation with the United Nations University - Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU – MERIT), and sponsored by Sia Partners and The Global Innovation Management Institute, we surveyed circa 250 government leaders in the UAE (at federal and regional levels), using tools in line with best practice studies conducted in Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia to see how public sector innovation is being conducted, which barriers are being faced, what are the drivers of innovation and the critical success factors, and what are the outcomes of innovation projects.


The days when innovation within governments was considered an oxymoron are long gone. Governments across the world are shifting from incremental improvements towards much more advanced and complex innovations, and the case of the UAE is no exception. On the contrary, what has emerged from the survey and the analysis of its results is that the UAE Government organisations are experiencing an unprecedented momentum when it comes to innovation. The results indicate high levels of “transformative” innovations and numerous positive impacts. In addition, the analysis shows that government entities are moving from focusing only on the front end of innovation (i.e. idea generation platforms) to the back-end (i.e. the development of the idea), and while doing so they are working on creating the right enablers (from culture and framework to processes) to do so.


The results make us realize that the UAE Government is well advanced on its journey to take a leadership role in public sector innovation and is undoubtedly a great case study. This white paper constitutes a first version of in-depth research in the area and will be followed up by future editions.


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