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The Transformation Office

A New Organisational Capability for the Digital Economy

The Transformation Office: A New Organisational Capability for the Digital Economy 

In the digital economy, organisations will prosper or not largely based on their ability to transform to align with ever-changing market or societal dynamics. Transformation encompasses the adaptation of an organisation’s value proposition and business & operational model to the fundamental changes brought by global trends, digital technologies and increasingly demanding stakeholders' needs and expectations. Transformation will become a must-have core capability for success, be that for commercial or governmental organisations. Given the raft of upcoming challenges, those that are Gulf-Based have a pressing need, here.


In this white paper, we argue that instilling the capability requires the creation of a dedicated Transformation Office, responsible for driving complex, disruptive change initiatives that have a profound impact on both operational structures and the strategy of the organisation.


We outline the required remit and key focus areas of a Transformation Office (led by a Chief Transformation Officer) and how it differs from, yet works alongside, conventional Project Management or Strategy Delivery Offices.



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