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Digital Assets

Innovation and Strategic Technology

By definition, most financial institutions are financial intermediaries and are dependent on products and services that yi...

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Security Operations Centers

In an environment where CIOs are faced with quickly evolving threats, a dynamic team that is ready to respond to such thre...

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Sia Partners Compliance Booklet for Asia

IFRS9, IRRBB, CRS, GN16, GN17, RBC, Data Privacy, BCBS239… Regulations ruling financial institutions have significantly ev...

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Software Asset Management Tools

The best SAM tool is the one whose functionalities fit the company’s needs. Many software vendors currently propose their ...

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Welfare Aziendale

L’utilizzo di strumenti di welfare aziendale porta notevoli benefici ai dipendenti di un’impresa e al datore di lavoro: se...

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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) became a core pillar of the European Union (EU) financial markets r...

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