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The healthcare sector has implemented major structural reforms: cluster structuring, hospital mergers, closure of numerous health care facilities, optimization of billing and collection, etc. In a context of ongoing healthcare reforms, the main challenge for public health institutions today is to ensure the involvement of the teams in these reforms.

Similarly, the main welfare agencies are experiencing major reforms: dematerialisation of exchanges with contributors and partners branches, reorganisations, mergers, outsourcing of social welfare agencies. Now, the main challenges are to continue capturing financial gains from transformations, to establish and reinforce regional health organizations and to achieve excellence in the relationship with contributors, notably through a multi-channel approach.

Sia Partners is a consulting firm independent of auditors, vendors and integrators of IT solutions to ensure advice that is neutral and impartial.

Sia Partners has recently developed its activity within the healthcare sector. Our firm is not associated with previous reforms, while benefiting from the personal experiences of our consultants in relation to them. Our view of the imminent transformation programs is objective and without preconceptions.


Strategic alignment

The strategic alignment of public organisations is the key factor in the overall coherence of public action at the decision-making, intermediate and operational levels. Sia Partners supports public organisations in the creation of their strategic plan, the implementation of the study into return on investment for their major projects and in conducting comparative studies.

case study

Sia Partners provided long-term support of Social Security of the Ministry of Health for securing the cover branch transformation program. Sia Partners ensured reliable criteria decision making of guardianship on this important program (4 years, dozens of M € budget).

HR Performance

Transformation projects may disrupt social balance within institutions. Sia Partners works with hospitals to facilitate the implementation of reforms and improve the social climate. In particular, this requires thorough analysis of the causes of absenteeism and strengthening the management culture.

case study

Sia Partners is regularly involved with hospitals on absenteeism problems and psychosocial risk management (PRM). It helped us identify the roots causes of abnormally high levels and trigger a managerial awareness.

Performance of CIS Healthcare

Digital remains a major catalyst for change in the field of public health. However, its weight is limited if the different branches of health facilities are not associated with their design and their deployment. Sia Partners makes developing employees' skills and enhancing the role of branches in the CIS transformation projects a priority.

case study

Sia Partners recently accompanied a main welfare agency in the development of a CIS competency framework, far beyond just IT jobs

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