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Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies (freight and passenger) are evolving under the effects of globalization, liberalization of markets and changes in consumption patterns as well as the changes in stakeholders' concerns (new uses, societal and environmental concerns).

Sia Partners is working with actors involved in these three value chains: "travel", "freight" and "infrastructure”.

  • Within the "travel" sector, Sia Partners assists the development of public transportation companies, operators (rail, road, air transportation) and Public Transport Authorities but also tour operators, hotel chains and travel agency networks.
  • Sia Partners provides services for actors in the supply chain such as transportation operators (rail, road, sea and air), logisticians, large shippers (retailers and specialized distribution), postal operators and actors in urban logistics.
  • Our experts advise clients on PPP Strategy, Financial Modeling and Due Diligence, as well as implementation, execution and optimization of PPP.
  • Finally, Sia Partners is involved in major investment programs and renovation of transportation infrastructure, sometimes in the context of liberalization schemes, accompanying infrastructure managers (railway, airport, port, urban), and the managers of industrial assets in the infrastructure development and maintenance and the search for new services.

Sia Partners has developed strong competencies in pricing, distribution management, transformation of distribution networks, launch of new offers, CRM, loyalty programs, transportation management plans, organization and planning of maintenance operations, forecasting and inventory management, optimization of resources.

To share our passion, and help you to better understand and analyze the Transportation sector, Sia Partners has created a dedicated blog: http://transport.sia-partners.com/. This blog is managed and updated on a regular basis by our team of consultants.


Pricing strategies

Pricing is by far the most important profit lever, given the current context, and transportation companies should not underestimate its impact. Price pressure is placing the traveller transportation sector under increasing pressure and companies have to find an optimal pricing strategy in order to optimize their occupancy rates and their margins.

case study

Sia Partners helped an airline company overhaul its price ranges and enhance its existing yield management in the context of development of multi-channel distribution.

Traffic disturbances

Urban transportation companies are facing a huge challenge: to ensure a level of quality of service while experiencing many external disturbances. The two major concerns of urban transport companies are to prevent such disturbances and to handle passengers in the event that they occur.

case study

Sia Partners helped a large transport company redefine and optimise its process for managing disturbances. Our competencies enabled us to define and implement a measurable transformation plan.

Organising maintenance

Infrastructure managers must maintain a fleet of amenities (vehicles, mobile equipment, telecommunications, real estate, etc.). Innovations in the field of CMMS enable companies to  industrialise methods and even to use new technologies like connected objects to better follow the maintenance cycle of their equipment fleet.

case study

Sia Partners helped an airport to industrialise maintenance. The project included a thorough analysis of the needs and new opportunities of the client. A large section of the project was dedicated to change management in order to help the teams use the new tools.

New delivery methods

The strong growth of e-commerce has led to a sharp increase in the activities of logistics companies. Logistics companies must offer efficient and competitive delivery methods to contend with the competencies of pure players like Amazon. The competency in this sector is increasing and logistics companies have to find new offers that are premium, low cost and flexible.

case study

Sia Partners helped a large logistics company design its new low cost offer for delivery. Our expertise in designing a new offer to target specific customers helped us add value to our customer.

Urban logistics

The development of e-commerce and the strong growth of local businesses have an impact on the organization of logistics, especially urban logistics: the issue of the last kilometer is now a major concern for logistics companies. Companies have to deal with specific delivery schedules, customer absences, traffic problems or high costs and have to create a new delivery scheme to stay competitive.

case study

Sia Partners worked with a large logistics company to help them reduce the impact of the last kilometer in their budget thanks to innovative delivery methods.

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