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12.16.2019 #news

Your application starts here with the AppMaker !

Your application starts here with the AppMaker!

Where there is a digital project, there is a collaborative project. Launching an application is not as simple as wanting to have an innovative app; it is important to think about where to start and how to avoid a “bogus good idea” that will in fact waste time.

Makestorming offers a specific tool to support digital projects. During the course of a 3 hour workshop that uses the tool in a step by step process, your teams will be able to model the perfect app, no complications, no head scratching,  no hassles!

There is no life without mobile applications!
Today, more and more companies are embarking on application design. This concerns not only retailers but also many other sectors of activity, for both internal employee-facing applications as well as external client facing apps.

This phenomenon originates from the desire to be more visible, to increase turnover, to be more reactive to employee or customer needs or to simply to be up to date on technologies ...

However, designing an app for your business is not so easy. First of all, you have to ask yourself the right questions to prevent your idea from turning into a headache. Then you need to find the ideal design for the user experience, and finally, get started designing.

The idea of a kit originated in the feedback we obtained from the participants of the co-design workshops we run with our clients.  To meet their needs, we created a complete kit to accompany and facilitate the creation of apps.

The AppMaker consists of:

  • 1 complete guide inspired by UX Design methods
  • Templates to fill in for each project: persona, user journey, site structure ...
  • 4 erasable magnetic tablets to simulate your screens E
  • Erasable markers, cleaning cloths and a magnetic ruler
  • A kit of more than 100 magnets to compose your screens
  • 20 Challenge cards to improve your models

Build your app in 3 hours, a great asset for businesses!
What is the point of offering a guide, tablets and magnets? How can this help a company and its workgroups design an app?

Most of us are not capable of designing applications. We each have our own skills, our own field of activity, our own perceptions. Our methodological guide, the AppMaker, takes teams through the essential steps of an application project. To design a good wireframe, each individual needs to have a shared understanding of the objectives, the instructions and the recommendations.

The Appmaker kit is designed in accordance with the methods and best practices of UX Design. User Experience is what the user of an application or website feels. UX is characterized by the fluidity of the user journey (number of actions to accomplish a task), the simplicity of use on an application / site, the intuitive position of the main buttons.

The first step is to think about the "brief", that will force you to reflect on a number of questions, such as: the utility of the app; the problem it must address; the profiles of your future users through the proposed persona, and the user journeys.

"Materialising our ideas onto a mock-up is a great stimulus to the reflection and enrichment of the subject. This projection forces us to concretely explore a subject that is initially quite abstract. By working through different stages of design and having to concretize the idea of ​​an application at the end moves the project forward in leaps and bounds" Anne Pariente, Engineering  project manager in the Public Service

Indeed, working behind a screen is not the best format to encourage discussion between the different business units involved in the project. What tends to happen is that the “technically competent” people dominate the interactions and impose their ideas, not allowing others to express their needs. In addition, contributors tend to focus on details such as colour and aesthetics, to the detriment of more important questions such as the objectives of the app and the user experience.

"App design is often entrusted to UX designers or developers by a Marketing or Innovation department. We then find ourselves in the position of "service provider" where the designer sits at his computer and draws screens ("wireframing"). We do not claim to all be designers ... but we must all participate in the same design process centred around the user. Working together with a shared language and method helps in 2 ways: non-experts use a design approach to work within their constraints, and experts are able to explain their ideas more clearly" Claire Etienney (Head Product Designer) & Ophélie Battaglia (Ux Designer)


Intuitive physical tools

"We have made the choice of a physical tool because it facilitates discussion between employees." Claire Etienney, (Head Product Designer)

Physical prototyping overcomes these barriers by being accessible to all: the magnets and erasable tablets are simple to handle.

This makes it possible to bring together all the people involved or affected, allowing them to express their vision easily.

"The AppMaker is very intuitive, and we are taken through the process step by step. We could even do it ourselves without the help of a facilitator! Sitting together around a table, manipulating physical elements makes it seem like a game. And manipulation has facilitated prototyping. "Josephine Lesaffre, Digital Designer at One point.

The Appmaker tool has gone through several iterations and changes: the addition of magnets, the methodological guide and the packaging all came later, after testing it and improving previous versions with various clients such as EDF, Orange, Randstad, BNP Bank, Danone, Renault, Systra, Europcar or the Noé Program etc.

The Appmaker tool has been used in various situations, to create, define, articulate and prototype new online and mobile services such as virtual desks for employees, marketplaces for clients, sales support tools, web platforms, etc.

Download the tool presentation here.